Approximately twenty years ago, we formed a group known as the “Democratic Latino Political Machine” to address pressing issues within our communities, including gang violence, teenage dropouts, teenage pregnancy, and illegal migration which are all detrimental to the well-being of our Country and the health of the American nuclear family. Our initial intent was to elevate Latino representation at all levels of government to tackle these concerns effectively.

Over time, I began to discern a shift in focus from addressing community issues to what seemed like an agenda aimed at dismantling the nuclear family, eroding parental rights, indoctrinating our children, and removing God in every way possible.

Twenty years later, we can now see things have gotten intensely worse! Conversations with family, friends, and community members echo the same sentiment of the erosion of our cities and state, drawing comparisons of some cities to third-world countries.

California is breaking records and not in a good way! We have grappling unprecedented surges of illegal migration, the influx of fentanyl/drugs, child and human trafficking, and the mass migration of militants from various conflict-ridden regions like China, Russia, and Middle Eastern Countries. This situation is exasperated by politicians who choose to ignore border law enforcement policies.

We have the highest inflation in over 40 years under the current administration! We have soaring housing/rent costs, escalating crime rates, rampant homelessness, and declining educational test scores in our children’s schools.  Simultaneously, parental rights are quietly being eroded and removed by current Politicians who pass bills like AB665 without parental input. Schools are administering hormones transitioning drugs to minors without parental consent and creating an atmosphere of secrecy.

We have judges who have created “Zero Bail” policies and refuse to put criminals in prison, which is creating a surge in crime.  We have home Invasions, smash, and grabs in our stores with crime rates that have increased over 200% in the last few years. These policies tie Law Enforcement hands, making their job difficult and creating an unsafe environment for every American!

Despite the substantial funding poured into the district and state through non-profit organizations, the outcomes are not reflective of tangible improvements. I have consistently voiced dissent against the policies championed by current elected officials that, in my view, unjustly favor criminals by making criminals into victims and victims into criminals.

These policies, implemented by the current administration in charge, appear indifferent across party lines of conservative Democrats, Independents, and Republicans alike.

I firmly believe that these misguided policies are not only detrimentally impacting our families and our district but are also contributing to the broader decline of our nation.

We can not continue on this course, it’s time for major change! We deserve so much better than the status quo, we deserve politicians who vote for bills that secure our borders, don’t allow criminals to run wild, protect parental rights, protect our children from this Indoctrination agenda, initiate real solutions to the homeless crisis, restrict foreign nationals from buying up land and housing as other states do. It is imperative to be oil and energy-independent and not dependent on nations who don’t share our values, this would also help to regain control over the inflation we are all experiencing.

It’s time to bring back safety and security, clean cities, higher-performing schools, and opportunities. We need to restore HOPE to are once beautiful cities, state and nation!

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